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Zambian Elections.  2011 A Patriotic Front supporter in the capital Lusaka holding placards near Soweto Market protesting at the delays in announcing the results of the poll.  He is holding his forefinger to his mouth symbolising the Opposition party's main slogan 'Don't Kubeba' meaning 'Don't Tell'.  Following allegations that the incumbent party had been trying…

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Muna Mohamed Ahmed, 18 years old talks incessantly after her recent arrival patient at the Habeeb Public Mental Health Hospital.  She has been diagnosed with mania.  A week before being admitted she started suffering from insomnia, continuous and incomprehensible speech and started singing and dancing at inappropriate times.  She also began to use abusive language…

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Orthodox Easter Church service in Lalibela, Ethiopia.  Perched 2630 metres high in the Lasta mountains was once the capital of most of what is now Ethiopia over 700 years ago and was the seat of power of the Zagwe Dynasty.  This line of rulers are said to have brought stability to the country after a…

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