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Post-election upheaval 2008

  1. A youth at a road block set up just south east of Nairobi on Juja Rd during the 3-day riots that rocked the country in January 2008. The 3-day rallies were called by the Opposition leader Raila Odinga in protest at the disputed December 2007 election. Nariobi, Kenya. 2008.
  2. A youth taunting the GSU from a distance in the Kibera slum of Nairobi.  Riot police are blocking the way for a mass contingent of opposition ODM supporters who were intent on answering calls by their leaders to march into the city centre to protest against the much-disputed Kenyan election result of December 2007. Nairobi, Kenya.  2008.
  3. Protesters pushing down the wall of the telecommunication, during post-election violence following the disputed December 2007 elections. Nairobi, Kenya.  2008.
  4. A victim of the post-election violence.  The young man was shot in the stomach and had had surgery to remove any fragments. Masaba Hospital, Nairobi.  The price of the violence on the general public was terrible.  Approximately 1,500 people were killed and nearly 250,000 were internally displaced. Nairobi, Kenya.  2008.
  5. Grace Mungai is shot through the neck and killed by a stray bullet fired by police during tribal clashes in Kenya as her distraught 15-month-old baby son Brian looks on.  She is an innocent victim of the violence that swept through Kenya following the disputed election result in December 2007 and that erupted in Naivasha Town, Rift Valley, Kenya.  2008.
  6. 15 people trapped and burnt alive inside a small house in Naivasha, Rift Valley during the violence that swept through Kenya following disputed election results in December 2007. They include women and children. The victims were from the Luo tribe (who mainly support the Opposition ODM party) and the act was apparently one of retaliation for 41 Kikuyus (who  predominantly make up the ruling PNU – Party of National Unity) who had previously been trapped and burnt alive inside a church near Eldoret. What had started as protests against an election result quickly descended into ever more bloody tribal violence that swept dramatically across the whole country.  Naivasha Town, Rift Valley, Kenya.  2008.
  7. A car burns in the car park of the telecommunications building while an ODM (Orange Democratic Movement) supporter looks on.  They were protesting at the request of the Opposition leader, Raila Odinga, over the much-debated disputed election result held 27th December 2007.  Nairobi, Kenya.  2007.

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