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Paper types and pricing


PM230 MATT (230 g/m2)

This matt-coloured photo paper, with its ability to absorb extremely large amounts of ink, stands out from other papers.  Strong, vivid colours guarantee a pleasing and high-quality appearance that is reliable and long lasting, even under extreme conditions. 


PL250 LUSTER (250 g/m2)

The high-quality, inkjet paper is ideal for reproducing very wide colour gamuts, with excellent shadow detail.  It’s properties make it an outstanding base for large-format, photo-realistic colour portraits.

Printing Price (inc VAT)

Size A4

Matt Paper: R950

Semi-Gloss: R1050

Size A3

Matt Paper: R1550

Semi-Gloss: R1650

Size A2

Matt Paper: R1950

Semi-Gloss: R2050