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The irony of an authoritarian Protestant king: The golden age of politics and economics bequeathed to us by the Protestant movement and the Glorious Revolution is coming to an end. No longer fit for purpose it must be ushered into the annals of history if we are to survive the coming decades.

Donald Trump has brought the golden age of the Protestant movement and the proliforation of liberal capitalist society full circle that was sparked by the Glorious Revolution of 1688 full circle. By trying to reimpose an outdated system through authoritarian means, he is going against the very founding principles upon which the system was…

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Comments on Francis Fukuyama’s two seminal books: ‘The End of History & The Last Man’ and ‘Identity’

I recently finished reading Fukuyama's two seminal books. They are essential reading for anyone wishing to get a deeper understanding of the advent and spread of democracy and the modern industrial economy globally. Not to mention the subsequent rise of identity politics and the likes of Trump and Brexit.

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