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  1. A boy in Mandera, Northern Kenya immediately following flooding in the region.  Mandera, Kenya 2006
  2. A mother and son at a Government-run hospital in Mandera, Northern Kenya. 2006
  3. Three boys sitting and relaxing at an orphanage in Sagam, Western Kenya.  2005
  4. A model being prepared by a make-up artist before a runway fashion show. Nairobi, Kenya 2007
  5. Blood is collected from a cow to be drunk as part of the Samburu circumcision ceremony. Archer’s Post, Samburu County.  Kenya 2007
  6. Young Samburu men who are soon to be circumcised travel from village to village wearing the black sheepskin cloak which is a mark of their forthcoming rite of passage.  There is often great anticipation and heightened emotions before the once-in-a-decade ceremony.  Archer’s post, Samburu County.  Kenya 2007
  7. The sun rising over an early morning scene in Mumias, Kakamega County, Kenya. 2005.

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